Month: July 2020

USCGA Boating Class and Lives Saved

By Izzie Hayes You might be amazed to know how many rescue efforts for hapless sports participants are staffed by VOLUNTEERS. On the ski slopes, when the “shushing goes awry” or the tree moved into the wrong spot, the skier that shows up with the basket for your rescue  may […]

The Pugilistic Preacher

by Izzie Hayes           Before my dad was Rev. Charles A. Dayton, or even a DAD, his dreams were fairly simple. Like most teenagers, he wanted to complete his schooling, find a beautiful, loving companion, support his church, hunt and fish, and enjoy whatever came along. Abruptly, at sixteen, he […]

Sad Day for Corinth Church

The Corinth Wesleyan Church, established in 1873, grew to be the largest church in the Champlain Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist denomination in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  At its zenith, it achieved a Sunday School attendance of over 300 persons.  The normal SS attendance was consistently over 200. […]