From time-to-time, over several years, I’ve been asked various questions about our Dayton family. Sensing the need to share this information, a Dayton newsletter was introduced February 14, 2018. Now its time for the next step in information sharing…a means of archiving and interactively communicating Dayton Family research and information. This is being done as a celebration of, and a tribute to, Wilber and Jessie Dayton …the humble beginnings of the their marriage, the commencement of the modern Dayton generations (1904-present). Their legacy lives fresh because of the values that they instilled in their children and their children’s children. These values and morals have continued to descend down to each generation to the extent that it is becoming part of our DNA.

Did a Husband used to Possess a Wife?

Have you noticed how the wife’s given name is hardly ever mentioned in pre-1960 news articles?  For exmple, it was always written as Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Dayton, instead of Wilber and Jessie Dayton. It was not at all uncommon to read news like “Mrs. Wilber Dayton entered the hospital […]

The Watch

If you found a watch lying in the street, what would you do?  If you were poorer than a church mouse, would you say, “God is Good, He just gave me a new watch?”  If you were greedy, would you say, “too bad sucker, it’s mine now?”  If you were […]

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