From time-to-time, over several years, I’ve been asked various questions about our Dayton family. Sensing the need to share this information, a Dayton newsletter was introduced February 14, 2018. Now its time for the next step in information sharing…a means of archiving and interactively communicating Dayton Family research and information. This is being done as a celebration of, and a tribute to, Wilber and Jessie Dayton …the humble beginnings of the their marriage, the commencement of the modern Dayton generations (1904-present). Their legacy lives fresh because of the values that they instilled in their children and their children’s children. These values and morals have continued to descend down to each generation to the extent that it is becoming part of our DNA.

Sad Day for Corinth Church

The Corinth Wesleyan Church, established in 1873, grew to be the largest church in the Champlain Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist denomination in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  At its zenith, it achieved a Sunday School attendance of over 300 persons.  The normal SS attendance was consistently over 200. […]

Rev. Charles and Mrs. Josephine Dayton Biography

by Mildred Jenkins, May 30, 1980 Norfolk-The Rev. and Mrs. Charles (Josephine) Dayton, Norfolk, are closing the year with the Norfolk Wesleyan Church and are retiring in West Chazy, N.Y., and Brooksville, Fla., (near Orlando).  They will be leaving the last week of June where they will be attending the […]

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